Thanks to our strategic partnership with companies and many years of collaboration with a team of specialists, Studio Matera can offer:

  • Payroll services
  • Extended services of personal administration (in this case we ask for help from work consultants with many years of experience)
  • Services of work-related legal and agreement consultancy

Our daily commitment as a company consulting firm, based in Milan, can satisfy the demands of small and large companies (among our clients, we have, corporations, Limited liability companies, partnerships, and individual entrepreneurs).

We work for the purpose of ensuring the maximum assistance to the companies and the people who ask for our help. Our goal is to allow the people who choose us to let their own business grow within the sea of continuous fiscal and legal changes which is the enterprise world today. In this contest, time is the most precious asset, and the most important factor for the companies who want to innovate in a continuous and effective way


Payroll and extended services for personal administration

Our Milan-based studio for administration, tax and labour consulting has been working for 30 years with companies coming from different backgrounds; It offers payroll elaboration services and takes care of all the social security arrangements for the employers. Here is our detailed offer to companies, to freelancers, and to individual entrepreneurs:

  • Payroll elaboration
  • Preparation of workflows for SEPA bank transfers
  • Elaboration and keeping of the Italian LUL (Libro Unico del Lavoro)
  • Drawing up and transmission via computer of the Certificazione Unica and of 770 Module
  • Obligatory monthly payments to Tax authorities, such as Inps and Uniemens
  • Taxes and payments of F24
  • Elaboration and thematic workflow plan for occupational pension and healthcare authorities
  • Calculation of provisions for untaken holidays, permits, additional monthly salaries
  • Prospects of employee leaving indemnity provision and personal cost
  • Prospects of IRAP deduction and Tax Wedge
  • Inail Self-liquidation and documents about work accidents
  • Reports on labour costs, issued every month and every few months, prospect of holidays and permits, prospects of employee leaving indemnity provision
  • Informative prospects and fulfilments for protected categories

All the documents are available on our website in a protected area, which can be accessed  via personal username and password, delivered to the client.

Labour relations

Studio Matera has got a dedicated area for labour relations, where specialised personal takes full-time care of legal and contractual assistance in managing the relationships between the companies and their employees.

  • Management of administrative disputes and access to offices for documents regarding Inps/Inail/Cassa edile/ Enasarco, and other social security institutions
  • Budget for labour costs, remunerative calculations for individual contractual salary increase, transformations of work relationships, transference to a different category, new recruitments
  • Obligatory communications to the authorities (recruitments, renewals, transformations, terminations)
  • Assistance with company collective bargaining and second-level agreements
  • Legal assistance in disciplinary procedures and in work-related disputes
  • Out-of-court settlement procedure, with assistance in a protected space
  • Management of the union relations
  • Assistance in managing crises (CIGO, CIGS), workforce cuts, and transfers of business
  • Conclusion of independent, employee, and agency contracts
  • Operational management of tax and security aspects for international mobility: foreign workers in Italy and Italian workers abroad
  • Consultancy for Welfare management in a company  

Other services

Here are some other services which integrate our offer of work consultancy in Milan, allowing us to offer a complete management of human resources:

  • Contributory and fiscal representations for personal working in Italy and depending from EU and non-EU companies without a stable organisation
  • Tax declarations, 730 modules, and ISEE, as CAF peripheral office
  • Professional training for HR managers and for HR office staff (Classes in personal managing and administering – Payments and contributions)
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