Studio Matera was founded in Milan in the year 1992. Along its almost thirty years of activity, it has become an outstanding reference for those who are looking for a business consulting partner (legal services, labour relations, tax advice).

What is our mission?

To create Value for any entrepreneur through providing customised outsourcing services, based on the characteristics of each company – that is to say, this means to  considering its profile, its scope, its development stage, and its resources. Thanks to our services, the customers that we address can focus freely on strategic activities for their own business, while asking qualified specialists about anything which is not inherent to their business targets.

Our Milan-based business consulting team includes qualified professionals, with international experience and diverse skills. This allows us to offer excellent services, such as:

  • Tax system, fiscal management
  • Personnel management and training
  • International tax assistance
  • Administration management

Clearly, these areas are fundamental in order to be competitive and better organized in your own business in a market which is running faster and faster. For companies it is very difficult, sometimes even impossible, to manage all of this internally, and for this reason it is necessary to cooperate with a trusted partner, an advisor, a consultant  in matters such as tax system management, legal services, and work relations. Thanks to our many decades of experience in the aforementioned sectors, we are committed , every day, to be a reference point for our Clients.

Furthermore over the years we have broadened our service portfolio, thanks to our partnership with companies which ensure excellent assistance in such fields as labour relations, welfare, and security.

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Our collaborators

Our collaborators are members of the Certified Public Accountants Register in Milan, of the National Statutory Auditors Institute and of the Employment Consultant Register to be competitive and better organized in your own business..They can also work as technical consultants (CTP and CTU) for such matters as labour, company evaluation or company shares.  Our Studio works on a daily basis with a team of highly experienced lawyers in civil and criminal fields, and who can offer flexible and high-quality legal assistance.  

Our studio is among the few studios which can offer Consultancy to legal studios for litigations in such areas as labour, tax, administrative, and bankruptcy.

We propose diversified and often connected services, which allow us to follow a company in a global perspective, and to accompany every entrepreneur towards the targets he/she wishes to reach.

Studio Matera and Matix Consulting are the ideal partners for your business.