Calculation of Pay and Contributions

studio matera elaborazione paghe e contributiPrecise and reliable management of pay and contributions for

  • micro and small enterprises
  • medium-sized enterprises
  • studios, associations and data elaboration centres

Pay slips and wages will no longer be a problem, thanks to our wide-ranging service of assistance, which includes:

  • Calculation of wages;
  • CUD and 770 forms;
  • F24 and UNIEMENS forms;
  • Calculation of funds set aside for holidays, permits, 13th month (14th month);
  • Funds set aside for severance pay (TFR) and personnel costs;
  • Consultancy in relations with employees (letter of employment, etc.) and with the trade unions;
  • Procedures for INPS [National Pension Scheme]/INAIL [National Accident Insurance Scheme]/Cassa edile [Building fund]/ Enasarco [National Institute for assistance to commercial agents and representatives] etc.

You’ll find Studio Matera a great place to work with!

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